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Making light work of a heavy load | Season 2, Ep 15

Season 2
Season 2
Making light work of a heavy load | Season 2, Ep 15

Viv welcomes her friend Rachel Pulley, Property Manager to this week’s episode.


Listen in as Viv and Rach reminisce about the activities of the past week living and working on a smallholding in rural Scotland, discover each other’s best bits, learnings and takeaways.


Rachel discovers what line of work she would like to steer towards that would allow her the flexibility and fulfilment she desires.


Key Takeaways:

>> The importance of bringing JOY to everything you do including those challenging situations. 


>>Shared experiences, shared workloads, chunking things down to make sense of challenges and make light work of an otherwise heavy load.


>> Appreciate your talents and your capacity to grow, learn new things and create a life you love. 


>> Why having shared values and vision is more important than skill set when recruiting team members.


How can you solve the elusive work-life balance?

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