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With over 3 decades of experience in business in various sectors; private, public and VCSE I have a deep breadth of knowledge and expertise that can save my clients time, increase revenue, and maintain resources.

Being external to your business means that I can a bird’s eye view of the challenges and successes in your organisation. That means I can help you to be more strategic with your time and money. Hiring me as an external consultant allows you to achieve more in less time, without the costly overheads of a permanent member of staff such as a commercial director. You get to purchase as much of my time and expertise as you need to get the job done. At a time of economic uncertainty, it is essential that business owners take a good look at their business organisation, cash flow, projections, costs, and profit margins.

Casual meeting of diverse business team analyzing financial data

Now is the time to conduct SWOT analysis, be realistic about your goals, while still aiming for high standards and service. Being a business owner, I understand too that sometimes you need someone else to lean on. You might not be able to share all your worries with your team, or with your partner, as a business consultant who is also trained to listen with empathy, non-judgemental positive regard I can be the bridge between the rock and the hard place.

Working together in single one-off sessions or over 3-6 months we can devise a plan that allows you to feel empowered, reignites your passion and will be profitable.

If you want to discuss opportunities for us to work together book in for an introductory call.

To see if we are the right fit, the simplest way is to book an online video call. When we meet you can share any thoughts and concerns. I’ll explain how I work, my True Growth Framework, and what to expect during our time together.

This is a free 30 Minute Zoom call. No obligation either way.

If we agree we are a good fit, then we progress. And if not, that is Ok! too. Because I only want what is best for you and your business.

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