A young woman in a consultation with a professional psychologist listens to advice on improving behavior in life. The modern millennial woman is developing mindfulness and psychological health.


Working with a counsellor is a unique experience, as personal to you as the reasons you reach out for support.

I discovered counselling when my marriage had failed, I’d lost my business, my home and felt like I was losing my mind too. I was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic depression that had lingered on from post-natal depression, and anxiety. It was a long road back to recovery, and on that road, I grew in strength, courage, and resilience. I also trained to become a counsellor, achieving diplomas in person centred counselling and CBT, as well as a degree in therapeutic counselling. Now with over 15 years of experience working in addiction, higher education, and corporate settings I run a private practise from my home, overlooking Poole Harbour on the South Coast of England. Because of the magic of the internet, I have client all around the world as well as some close to home. It’s my dream job.


The sessions are your opportunity to explore challenging thoughts and feelings. I act as your guide, I'll be with you every step of the way as you heal from past hurts, learn to master your mindset, and develop resilience so that you can gracefully transform your life. This does not happen overnight, or by magic, rather through finding the courage to face your deepest fears, willingness to be open to change, and curiosity to discover new ways of doing and being.

The most important part of any working relationship is the connection you feel. When you start to work with a counsellor you will naturally have questions to see.

Interestingly 60% of my private counselling clients have already tried working with a different counsellor. So, the best way to see if we are good fit is to do book an introductory call. This complementary 30-minute zoom call is where I will listen to you, learn about what you want, and you can me any questions you need to put your mind at ease. I’ll explain how I work and what you can expect during our time together.

There is no obligation.

If we feel we are good fit for each other then, we can progress. And if not, that is Ok! too. Because I want what is best for you.

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