• How have you been taking care of yourself?
  • Self-care is a commonly used expression these days, but what does it really mean?
In this beautiful ebook I will walk you through 7 key areas of self-care, essential for balancing your body, mind, and soul. These are the Foundations of Self-care.

In this crazy fast-paced world we seem to have created, how often do you take care of you first, before everyone and everything else?

Let me share with you the experience of my private coaching clients. As the couple came into my consulting room, it was clear they were drifting apart.


He worked long hours in a physically demanding role, she felt overwhelmed with managing the house, their kids, and her high-pressure job. Work was consuming all their time and energy.

So, I asked them to imagine for a moment their perfect day. I asked them to describe how is started, what they did, eat, how they spent time with, how it felt.

What was most encouraging is that for each of them that day started with time to nurture and prepare their body, a little stretching, a walk in the park and mind, by reading and taking a moment to mediate and prepare for the day ahead.

When I asked them if they already did this, they said oh no! They didn't have enough time.

If you aren’t careful time and money can become two opposing forces. You work long hours to get more money, but then you have no time to take care of yourself or enjoy the things and experiences that money can buy.

In this ebook you’ll find that time and money can be balanced. There’s nothing in this book that will cost you anything, not a penny. All I ask is that you spend your time taking action to improve your life. Because I truly believe that there’s little point in working all the hours in the day if it leaves you so depleted that you cannot take care of yourself or your loved ones.

I truly believe that you can gracefully transform your life.
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