How to find focus in a world of chaos and distraction | Season 2, Ep 23

Season #2 Episode #23

How to find focus in a world of chaos and distraction  | Season 2, Ep 23

Following our theme of Calm to Chaos for the month, today I am looking at finding your focus.

Take care of you so that you can have a healthier work-life balance.

Does it feel like you are on a running machine that's going too fast, but you can’t get off?

Do you want to slow down so that you can take a break?

In this week's episode:

  1. I talk about breaking those habits that slow you down
  2. How to architect your day to combat stress with resilience 
  3. I share 3 words to help you find your calm
  4. I look at the importance of reflecting at the end of your working day


Enjoy my tips for finding calm in a chaotic world...