The Power of Persuasion with Cori Javid | Season 2, Ep 24

Season #2 Episode #24

Join, this week's guest, Cori Javid and I as we discuss...

The power of persuasion, team building and keeping calm and carrying on!

Cori shares her inspiration for starting an online business, how she overcame personal mindset blocks to succeed and how she is now helping Mums who are business owners to change their mindset and allow money to light up their life.

In this episode...

> Discover how to avoid burn can do anything but not everything!

> Cori reveals what truly makes her happy and how this helps all areas of her life

> Cori and I discuss the joy in helping others to find their magic

> Hear how doing the inner work is the key to combating imposter syndrome

> Cori shares her cheesy yet wonderful quote: "My job isn't to be your crutch but to pass you your cape!"