Baby Steps and Big Wins | Season 2, Ep 29

Season #2 Episode #29

It is our final Episode with Kat Ashley from Purbeck wholefoods.


This is the sixth installment with my scholar Kat and she has been so generous in sharing her coaching experience over the last 6 months with us on the podcast.


Listen in to discover how to balance passions and profit to improve personal and business performance


In this episode Kat and I cover:

⭐️Blending taditional values with modern business strategies

⭐️Looking after our own health is one of the key takeaways from 2020

⭐️Going all in and what a difference it makes to your business and wellbeing

⭐️Managing stress and building resilience in your business plans

⭐️Slaying your to do list through simple categorisation


Kat and I explore the journey, how to create a business and lifestyle you love. Join us...