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Mastering the Sunday Scaries | Season 2, Ep 22

Season 2
Season 2
Mastering the Sunday Scaries | Season 2, Ep 22

Novembers theme is moving from chaos to calm and this week we are tackling anxiety.

Are you running away from things you need to do?

Are you the bottleneck in your business?

Do you have the ability to focus your attention on tasks that need to be completed?



Well listen in to this weeks episode and discover the three Cs to mastering the Sunday scaries, stop procrastinating and start LIVING.


In this episode…

>> I help you figure out how to move your office from chaos to calm

>> I offer some questions to assist you in figuring out who is really in your team

>> I ask you to look at how you react under pressure: Do you retreat or advance?

>> I talk about true connection… the art of being engaged and engaging


Remember to take care of YOU first

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