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Manage Change 3 Ways | Boiled, steamed and fried | Season 2, Ep 1

Season 2
Season 2
Manage Change 3 Ways | Boiled, steamed and fried | Season 2, Ep 1

Welcome to series 2 of the True Growth Podcast!

The theme on the podcast for June is CHANGE!

Do you want to create more opportunities in your business?

Do you crave deeper connections?

Are you looking for new ways to serve your ideal customers?

Perhaps you are feeling kind of frustrated at the lack of progress, being held back or locked in?

Maybe you are feeling discouraged because everything, all your careful plans for 2020 have been messed up or changed?


If you are a leader, aspiring to lead a community or your business on to greater heights, bigger successes, then learning how to MANAGE change, while being productive has to be number one on your personal and professional development plan. 

Then tune in to this episode where I share with you 3 ways to Manage Change from mindset to strategy with of course some actionable tips you can put in place right away.


In this episode

>> Viv helps you to manage change rather than just cope with it

>> She shares ways you can end your day satisfied and accomplished 

>> Viv encourages you to get clear on YOUR core values

>> She talks about taking charge of your day!


💥Scholarship Opportunity💥

I’m opening up ONE coaching space to work with one lucky person who wants to live an extra ordinary life and is willing to go the extra mile to make it happen! Check out the episode show notes for how to apply – CLOSING DATE 8th June.

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