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Living With Purpose | Season 2, Ep 26

Season 2
Living With Purpose | Season 2, Ep 26

It is a new month and a new theme for the True Growth Podcast!

This month I will be covering Living On Purpose!

Are you wondering how you are going to find the energy or sanity to keep on going?

Do you want to enter 2021 ready, willing and able to succeed and live on PURPOSE?

Do you want to avoid burnout by beautifully balancing your work and life?

On today’s show, I talk about living with purpose, on purpose. 

In this episode:

  • I share my realisation for my life’s purpose!
  • I talk benefits of new adventures including sea swims (even in the winter!)
  • I have accepted that what I have to offer is a life-changing gift
  • Remember: you can only help others from your own full cup
  • I remind you how you get to decide, how you can choose to live according to your heart’s desires with passion AND profit.

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