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Difficult Conversations…time to break the egg | Season 2, Episode 3

Season 2
Season 2
Difficult Conversations...time to break the egg | Season 2, Episode 3

Do you have a team member who is not pulling their weight?


Do you have a customer who is bringing you down rather than lighting you up?


Are you struggling to get your point across in a way that encourages change to happen?


Well then my friends it is time to have those difficult conversations.


If you are finding that your patience is wearing thin, your temper is starting for fray, then it is time to start having those difficult conversations.


I am going to share with you just how you can open the window to your world and that of your conversational partner.  You know the one person you need to sit down and have a talk with but keep putting it off? 


In today’s episode:


>> I talk about getting really curious

>> I introduce working the grid 

>> I offer actionable tips for fast action


It’s time, let’s do this…

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