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Adding colour to bring the joy | Season 2, Ep 12

Season 2
Adding colour to bring the joy | Season 2, Ep 12

This week we have a one JOY FULL guest on the show, Briony Hartley, from Goldust Design.

We are discussing

How you can bring more colour and joy into your life?

How do you find inspiration?

Has working from home and being stuck with the same 4 walls brought you to a halt where you feel stuck? 

Well, my guest today brings inspiration, colour and joy in bucket loads!

On Today’s Episode:

>> Viv and Briony discuss surrendering to the situation. Leaning into being patient during the lockdown period and beyond
>> Briony reveals she has been turning inwards for excitement rather than the usual external sources
>> Briony shares her work and combining 3 of her passions
>> Briony talks about speaking her truth and realising you are not your thoughts

Find out what Briony and Fearne Cotton have in common!

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