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3 ways to boost your business growth | Season 2, Ep 10

Season 2
Season 2
3 ways to boost your business growth | Season 2, Ep 10

For the month of August, our theme is Acceptance.


Today we are going to look at mastering our physiology and a topic that came up last week with my scholar, Kat…TIME.


Are you finding that you are still procrastinating over the finer points of your website design?


Are you spending more time on the research and development phase of your business than on the sales and marketing phase?


Does it feel like no matter how many hours you spend at work, you never get it all done?


Today I offer you my most effective ways to INVEST your time working on your business for TRUE GROWTH


In this episode:


> I help you look at how you are spending your time

> I offer a solution for that decision fatigue

> I call you out on those delay tactics!! 

> I encourage you to enjoy the peaceful power of acceptance


Enjoy the show and do let me know which parts were most helpful to you

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