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Let’s be honest here, do you want to make more money?

Are you:

  • Fed up with worrying about your bank balance?
  • Tired of working all the hours for little pay?
  • Desperate to splash out on a big treats for yourself?
  • Jealous of your peers who are consistently making $10k months in their business working part time?
  • Seeking more bang for your buck?


Well we need to chat my lovelies because I have just the thing for you. You see I appreciate how hard you work and I understand your frustration too because that was me, for years. Until, I learned how to master my money mindset. Unlocking my potential for unlimited success. Unblocking my energy so that money can flow to me and through me with ease and grace.

Are you ready to feel like a million dollar

business owner?

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With this Money Mindset Intensive you will learn exactly:

  • What your money mindset blocks are
  • How you have been stifling your money growth
  • Where erroneous beliefs came from + how to let them go
  • Why you need to mind your manners around money
  • How you can invite more money + more profit into your life.

What You'll Get In The Course

Two 121 money mindset coaching sessions


Two weeks of unlimited online support


Two worksheets deepen your learning


Two book or podcast recommendations


I could have offered you just one of each, but I figured if you are willing to double up, so am I

One incredible low price $247

Are you ready to Boost your income, wealth and happiness?

Find out exactly how to beautifully balance your passions and profit.

Get laser focused so that you can make more money in less time.

With a strategic action plan you can follow for your inevitable success.

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Here is what previous Money Mindset clients say:

Erin Lewis, Brighton

“It was not at all what I was expecting. I thought we might talk about ways I might bring in some extra cash through a side hustle or roleplay asking for a pay rise at work.

Oh no

We were talking about mindset and I don’t mind telling you I was not impressed by the concept that my own attitude to money might be the problem, nor indeed the idea that if I just changed it a whole lot more money might come my way.

But that is what we explored – an abundance mindset and how it could change my financial situation for the better. And it did!."

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