Money Mindset Coaching and How it Works

Can Money Mindset be changed?

First things first, what exactly is ‘money mindset’? What I am referring to when I think about money mindset. Our mindset as it relates to how our thoughts about money affect our performance and our behaviour, meaning the action we take or often don’t take. These actions ultimately lead to our outcomes and success.

As humans we have a desire to feel secure. Secure in our homes, secure in our work and in our relationships. And in modern society there is often a deep seated belief that money is the answer to this security we desire. This is both right and wrong.  

You may have noticed your mind questioning that sentence, part of you saying ‘Oh yes it is’ and part saying ‘Oh no it isn’t’ like some pantomime sketch. 

And therein lies the problem.

If you are in conflict about what YOU truly feel about money, what you really believe to be true about money, then you are in possession of what I call limiting beliefs around money. And your money mindset might just benefit from a bit of a spring clean.  

I have no doubt that some of these beliefs came from childhood, hearing things like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “don’t pour money down the drain” suggesting that money is both scarce and one directional. 

But this isn’t actually true.  There is more money in circulation today than ever. Money goes out and comes into your bank account.  The problem lies in the distribution of money. 

What is money?  Money is simply a convenient way to exchange energy. You put your energy into creating something or serving in some way, adding value and then you exchange that product or your time for money. 

How much money you receive is related to your money mindset. 

I believe that you can achieve financial security simply through changing how you think about money. This is because changing your money mindset or beliefs will change your behaviour, which changes your actions, which in turn changes your outcomes. The more success you have, the more empowered, confident and relaxed you feel. When you feel good you are more likely to ask for that pay rise, ask for the big order, close that major deal. Hey presto, more money. 

With more money you can enjoy lifestyle upgrades, so you see money flowing to and from you. To answer the distribution problem, well then you need consistent action that is in alignment with your goals.  

Your money goals are personal to you and guess what?  They are also linked to your money mindset and any limiting beliefs you may have picked up along the way. Such as “you’ve got money to burn” or “you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth”. Imagine for a moment what actions you might take differently if you believed that you had money to burn.  

If you want to enjoy consistent and increasing income then working on your money mindset is a crucial first step. Because what you believe to be possible, is. 

What is holding you back from making the changes you desire? Perhaps stressful life events have negatively impacted you or your business. Well here is what one of my money mindset clients said after her call. 

 “I run my own business in person and online. Things were tough when the pandemic hit. I had a wonderful Money Mindset coaching call with Viv.  Viv put me at ease straight away – she is so calm and wise.  Viv helped me hugely with clarity, perspective and focus for my business and we worked on my Money Mindset which was so useful at a time of great uncertainty. Now I, and my business are secure. I feel empowered like never before to demand success on my terms. Having a rock solid money mindset has boosted my membership and my self belief.” Sara, UK

Financial security is possible for everyone. Changing how you think and feel about money can help you to achieve financial security whether you are in business or employment. Here is what Erin said about money mindset coaching we did together.

“It was not at all what I was expecting. I thought we might talk about ways I might bring in some extra cash through a side hustle or role play asking for a pay rise at work. Oh no…We were talking about mindset and I don’t mind telling you I was not impressed by the concept that my own attitude to money might be the problem, nor indeed the idea that if I just changed it a whole lot more money might come my way. But that is what we explored – an abundance mindset and how it could change my financial situation for the better. And it did!.” Erin, SE England

What consistent action are you taking on a daily basis to attract more money into your life? Because as they say action speaks louder than words. So once you have taken a good long look at your limiting beliefs around money then it is time to take action.

Think about this. Do you feel like money is always flowing in your life? Now take a look at your bank statement. Is what you believe to be true staring back at you in black and white or red? 

When you think about money, do you feel relaxed and at ease or do you tighten up and feel tense or anxious? Maybe as you were growing up there were arguments about money in the household, or perhaps money was in short supply back then.   Is this still true for you today? That anxiety you felt then may still be playing in your mind now and impacting your behaviour around money.

My parents grew up during the war and scarcity was a real thing. They worked really, really hard. They were always cautious about spending money and “extravagances’’ so much so that in my younger years, I would often save treats for a special occasion only to find that it had gone out of date before I enjoyed it. Well that was until I sorted out my own money mindset! Are you easily able to spend money on yourself or to invest in yourself? Do you easily find time for yourself or are you working flat out?

Money is simply a form of energy, it is neither good nor bad.  It is what we choose to do with it that makes all the difference in the world. Like all forms of energy it flows.  The purpose of changing your money mindset is to remove blocks like limiting beliefs to allow money to flow to you. Learn how to ask for help and accept it when it is offered rather than staying stuck. Give thanks and show appreciation for what you already have. Be gracious when accepting gifts and compliments. Learn how to welcome more of what you want into your life including more money. Most importantly choose actions that fit with your new money mindset goals and values.

Do you believe you can have anything you desire? I’d love to hear your extravagant money goals, please do share them with me. 

If you are interested in working together please do get in touch. 

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