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Five P's for living in peace and profit | Season 2, Ep 27


We are still looking at living with purpose this week and I am sharing with you my FIVE Ps that will transform your life.

Today we will be covering how to rediscover your passion, how to write your purpose statement and how to befriend procrastination.

In this episode:

  • I share the importance of living with intention and purpose and finding your passion.
  • When Eeyore is on your's time to go out to play!
  • I let you in on why procrastination can be your friend.
  • The power of our minds to create our reality is incredible...I show you how to harness this power for true success.

In all I do I remember my chief purpose: To do more of what you love with who you love!


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Episode 018: Five Hacks for Energy BOOSTing Your Way Through The Day

We are continuing the conversation of energy on this episode.

Do you want to...

  • Raise your game
  • Uplevel your business
  • Uplevel your life

BUT not sure how?

One step at a time!  

Just as an athlete doesn't show up at the competition expecting to win without training every day.  It's the same for you and your business. It takes consistent practice to raise your game. 

Today I am sharing my 5 hacks to BOOST your energy and raise your game every day!

 Be sure to let me know which hack was your favourite:)


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