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Can Money Mindset be changed?

Can Money Mindset be changed?

First things first, what exactly is ‘money mindset’? What I am referring to when I think about money mindset. Our mindset as it relates to how our thoughts about money affect our performance and our behaviour, meaning the action we take or often don’t take. These actions ultimately lead to our outcomes and success.

As humans we have a desire to feel secure. Secure in our homes, secure in our work and in our relationships. And in modern society there is often a deep seated belief that money is the answer to this security we desire. This is both right and wrong.   

You may have noticed your mind questioning that sentence, part of you saying ‘Oh yes it is’ and part saying ‘Oh no it isn’t’ like some pantomime sketch.  

And therein lies the problem. 

If you are in conflict about what YOU truly feel about money, what you really believe to be true about money, then you are in...

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The Power of Persuasion with Cori Javid | Season 2, Ep 24


Join, this week's guest, Cori Javid and I as we discuss...

The power of persuasion, team building and keeping calm and carrying on!

Cori shares her inspiration for starting an online business, how she overcame personal mindset blocks to succeed and how she is now helping Mums who are business owners to change their mindset and allow money to light up their life.

In this episode...

  • Discover how to avoid burn can do anything but not everything!
  • Cori reveals what truly makes her happy and how this helps all areas of her life
  • Cori and I discuss the joy in helping others to find their magic
  • Hear how doing the inner work is the key to combating imposter syndrome
  • Cori shares her cheesy yet wonderful quote: "My job isn't to be your crutch but to pass you your cape!"


More about Cori

Cori Javid is the Money Mindset expert for mothers and Success Coach to women with kids and businesses all over the world, supporting women in becoming financially empowered and feeling...

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