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Mental Theft with Paul Newton | Season 2, Ep 28


This week I am excited (and a little scared) to be talking to Paul Newton, magician and mind reader!!

This year has given us challenges but also opportunities to start thinking about our lives and lifestyles...have you turned into a chunk, a hunk or a monk!?

Paul shares how this year has made him think bigger!

In this episode:

  • Paul and I discuss how to use your personal power for good and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Paul shares how he has pivoted his business for performance and profit
  • We discuss credit card fraud and protecting ourselves
  • We talk playing small with a big heart and how to burst that bubble and change the world

One lucky listener will receive a copy of Paul's book - Mental Theft, Your mind is the weakest link...all you need to do is leave a review and you will be in with a chance to get your hands on this book!



I'm Paul Newton, creator of MentalTheft, I'm a Magician, a Mind Reader and a Hypnotist. 

For years I have made my living using...

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The Power of Persuasion with Cori Javid | Season 2, Ep 24


Join, this week's guest, Cori Javid and I as we discuss...

The power of persuasion, team building and keeping calm and carrying on!

Cori shares her inspiration for starting an online business, how she overcame personal mindset blocks to succeed and how she is now helping Mums who are business owners to change their mindset and allow money to light up their life.

In this episode...

  • Discover how to avoid burn can do anything but not everything!
  • Cori reveals what truly makes her happy and how this helps all areas of her life
  • Cori and I discuss the joy in helping others to find their magic
  • Hear how doing the inner work is the key to combating imposter syndrome
  • Cori shares her cheesy yet wonderful quote: "My job isn't to be your crutch but to pass you your cape!"


More about Cori

Cori Javid is the Money Mindset expert for mothers and Success Coach to women with kids and businesses all over the world, supporting women in becoming financially empowered and feeling...

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Footloose and Fancy Free | Season 2, Ep 11

Are you footloose and fancy-free?

But secretly worried about your dreams drying up and withering away in the heat of the sun?

Do you want to take time off and relax but worried you might lose momentum?

Do you feel guilty that you are enjoying yourself when you feel that you ‘should’ be working?

Taking time out is not a crime in fact in my book, not taking time out causes more harm.

In this episode:

>> I remind you that getting down on yourself is not going to lift you up!
>> I talk about connecting to the thrill of success and being clear on YOUR vision.
>> I share how I connect every day with what really matters.
>> I discuss the support, structures and strategies I have in place to help me avoid distraction and bring about disciplined focus

Your SUCCESS matters to me.  I want you to have a guilt-free summer holiday and know that you have got this!


If you want to see if we can work together to help you...

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3 ways to boost your business growth | Season 2, Ep 10

For the month of August, our theme is Acceptance.

Today we are going to look at mastering our physiology and a topic that came up last week with my scholar, Kat...TIME.

Are you finding that you are still procrastinating over the finer points of your website design?

Are you spending more time on the research and development phase of your business than on the sales and marketing phase?

Does it feel like no matter how many hours you spend at work, you never get it all done?

Today I offer you my most effective ways to INVEST your time working on your business for TRUE GROWTH

In this episode:

  • I help you look at how you are spending your time
  • I offer a solution for that decision fatigue
  • I call you out on those delay tactics!! 
  • I encourage you to enjoy the peaceful power of acceptance

Enjoy the show and do let me know which parts were most helpful to you


If you want to see if we can work together to help you transform your life and your business, book a discovery call...

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Pivoting for growth and supporting your inner CEO | Season 2, Ep 9

Today is our first ever episode with my scholar Kat Ashley from Purbeck Wholefoods! I am very excited to be working with Kat and introducing her to you all today.

Kat shares her story with listeners and what made her apply for the scholarship program.

In this episode:

  • Kat and I talk about building a business with a community and a heart focus.
  • Kat and I discuss the difference between working IN your business and ON your business
  • Kat shares what she did for her team this week who have gone above and beyond to continue serving the community during this time.
  • Kat reveals her plans for the next 5 months and we discuss how she is going to get there!


Find out more about Purbeck Wholefoods here:

If you want to learn how to do more of what you love with who you love you why not sign up to my mailing list and receive your free copy of my Steps to Success today.

If you want to see if we can work together to help you transform your life and...

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How to build confidence in yourself | Season 2, Ep 8

Do you want to make more sales?

Are you getting ready to take your business to the next level?

Do you look at other business leaders and wonder how does she do it?

Today I am going to take you through the alphabet soup, this is a bit like chicken soup for the soul only this is Mindset and Strategy with actionable tips all in one fabulous episode. 

A client recently said,

"Listening to Viv is like spending 20 minutes with your wisest best friend!"

Ah, love ya Kate xx

So if you want to learn how to master your mindset so that you can make more sales, plan your strategy for the next level and to know how to do all this with ease and grace... Stay tuned

In this episode:

>> I share the number 1 reason why clients have reached out to work together and I explain why this is the most common reason.
>> I am asking you 3 questions to really consider for your future success.
>> I talk about committing to the process and taking one step at a matter the...

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Living from your heart | Season 2, Episode 5

Are you spinning plates that feel like they keep falling off?

Are you seeking perfection before you take action?

Are you frustrated that you just don’t seem to get it right?


In this episode Viv shares with you:

>> 3 keys to unlocking your potential for success on your terms.

>> Success that aligns with all of who you are without compromising your health, wellbeing, fame or fortune.

>> Learn how to master your mindset, take charge of your day before it takes charge of you.

>> Form a strategy that works for you so that you can live a joy-filled life doing what you love with who you love every single day. 

Listen in to learn how to embrace all of who you are and live from your heart with courage and determination.


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Difficult Conversations...time to break the egg | Season 2, Episode 3

Do you have a team member who is not pulling their weight?

Do you have a customer who is bringing you down rather than lighting you up?

Are you struggling to get your point across in a way that encourages change to happen?

Well then my friends it is time to have those difficult conversations.

If you are finding that your patience is wearing thin, your temper is starting for fray, then it is time to start having those difficult conversations.

I am going to share with you just how you can open the window to your world and that of your conversational partner.  You know the one person you need to sit down and have a talk with but keep putting it off? 

In today's episode:

>> I talk about getting really curious
>> I introduce working the grid 
>> I offer actionable tips for fast action

It’s time, let's do this...


Let me help you get into the right mindset so that difficult conversation is a win-win for you and your conversational partner, be...

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Episode 019: 3 Keys to Personal Freedom

Do you get to Friday exhausted, mind numb, limbs limp ready for the sofa, a large glass of something and Netflix?

Is this what you want? 

Or would you prefer to arrive at the weekend fresh vibrant and ready for more fun?

Do you want to know what is holding you back from feeling alive and free every day?

You are the answer, you hold the keys to your own success!

You have the three KEYS to personal FREEDOM

It's a biggy so let's dive in...



Join my Facebook Group: True Growth Tribe for support, advise and community at a time when we all need it most...look forward to seeing you there!

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Do you want to discover my quick steps...

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Episode 018: Five Hacks for Energy BOOSTing Your Way Through The Day

We are continuing the conversation of energy on this episode.

Do you want to...

  • Raise your game
  • Uplevel your business
  • Uplevel your life

BUT not sure how?

One step at a time!  

Just as an athlete doesn't show up at the competition expecting to win without training every day.  It's the same for you and your business. It takes consistent practice to raise your game. 

Today I am sharing my 5 hacks to BOOST your energy and raise your game every day!

 Be sure to let me know which hack was your favourite:)


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