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Taking messy action for big results | Season 2, Ep 17


This episode we are back with my scholar Kat Ashley for her monthly live coaching and check-in on how her business is being transformed by our work together.

Kat and I discuss key principles that you can apply to your own life and learning and some strategies to boost your business performance.

On this week's episode:

  1. Kat and I explore alternative routes to market for your products and services 
  2. How to grow your business by increasing your visibility, dual purposing and repurposing your business assets.
  3. How to stop waiting for the PERFECT moment and take messy action for big results
  4. You have all the skills and resources you need right now, why aren’t you using them?
  5. The power of investing time now to save time and money in the future, get organised!

Remember, work isn't work when we love what we do!


Mentioned on the show:

Purbeck Wholefood

Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid?
Do get in touch and let's see if I can help you transform your...

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Your great adventure | Season 2, Ep 14

It has felt so good to be let out and let loose in Italy! So good, in fact, I wanted to share it with you and record an episode from beautiful Tuscany.

Planning adventure into my day is so important to me...big or small I plan this consciously and with intention!

By looking after yourself you can better look after the others in your life.

On today's episode:

>> I discuss the secret power of your imagination...release and let go. 
>> I share how I tap into that power within and how you can too.
>> I help to transport you to your own great adventure.
>> Find out the three magic ingredients to help you get there.

Unlock your full potential for success and for a joy-filled life and learn how to harness your secret power...


If you would like a little help releasing and letting go hop on a discovery call and we can discuss your next great adventure.  

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Episode 026: Foundations of Selfcare, Love & Breathe

Foundations of Self Care 6 Part Series

In this Spring into Action: Foundations of Self Care 6 part series I will be sharing with you the mindset, strategy and tools you need to take care of your body and mind as one complete, living, breathing organism. This series came to life in The True Growth Tribe Facebook group as a 6 day live challenge. Due to the success of this challenge the team and I have turned this into a 3 part podcast series especially for you!

Part 3 & 4 Love & Breathe

Does the morning sunrise take your breath away? 

Does the wind rushing through your hair exhilarate you?

Do you find peace when you watch your baby breathing softly in their sleep? 

DO YOU WANT TO know how to change your state in an instant?

Is being locked down and cooped up leaving you feeling sluggish and kind of meh? 

If you have lost the spring in your step or lost interest in doing the things you used to love then this episode is for you. The principals being...

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Episode 019: 3 Keys to Personal Freedom

Do you get to Friday exhausted, mind numb, limbs limp ready for the sofa, a large glass of something and Netflix?

Is this what you want? 

Or would you prefer to arrive at the weekend fresh vibrant and ready for more fun?

Do you want to know what is holding you back from feeling alive and free every day?

You are the answer, you hold the keys to your own success!

You have the three KEYS to personal FREEDOM

It's a biggy so let's dive in...



Join my Facebook Group: True Growth Tribe for support, advise and community at a time when we all need it most...look forward to seeing you there!

In honour of Mother's Day this weekend just gone in the UK I want to honour mums everywhere. I am offering a FREE Clarity Call, to work on ONE mindset thing that is holding you back, preventing you from being fully aligned to your dreams so that they become your reality.

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Do you want to discover my quick steps...

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Episode 014: Quick, Quick SLOW - 3 steps to connect with your heart

How do you know you're on the right path? Maybe you don't know where to head next. This can feel lonely, dark and frustrating. You want to feel safe and KNOW you are on the right path. 

If all is going well in life for you right now...celebrate this achievement!

Wherever you are today's show will help you to remain connected to your heart so that every day is a sunshine day for you.

In today's episode

>> Viv offers an honest insight into her thoughts and feeling at a time where she had lost sight of who she was and connection with her heart

>> Viv shares her TWO quick steps and ONE slow for connecting with YOUR heart

>> Viv encourages you to have more love for yourself and this will result in more love, energy and joy for others.


Enjoy the show here and don't forget to book a date with yourself!


There are just a few spots left on the True Growth coaching programme.
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Episode 013: How to Love with Katherine Baldwin

I am excited to have a fellow relationship builder and healer on the show today... Katherine Baldwin.

At times in life, we may feel we need to heal personal relationships, relationships with parents, children or family members. New business owners might feel the need to work on building relationships with ideal clients or customers. Often, when we start having open, honest, frank and vulnerable conversations, we realise that the work has to start with healing the first relationship, the one with ourselves.

In this episode:

>> Katherine shares how she helps people connect with their authentic selves
>> She reveals her biggest mindset challenges right now
>> Katherine offers a very honest insight into her life and the need to go where the pain or fear is in order to heal.
>> She shares the THREE things that give her the most energy

A bit about Katherine:

Katherine is the author of How to Fall in Love and is also the host of How to Fall in Love retreats and...

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