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Living With Purpose | Season 2, Ep 26


It is a new month and a new theme for the True Growth Podcast!

This month I will be covering Living On Purpose!

Are you wondering how you are going to find the energy or sanity to keep on going?

Do you want to enter 2021 ready, willing and able to succeed and live on PURPOSE?

Do you want to avoid burnout by beautifully balancing your work and life?

On today’s show, I talk about living with purpose, on purpose. 

In this episode:

    • I share my realisation for my life's purpose!
    • I talk benefits of new adventures including sea swims (even in the winter!)
    • I have accepted that what I have to offer is a life-changing gift
    • Remember: you can only help others from your own full cup
    • I remind you how you get to decide, how you can choose to live according to your heart’s desires with passion AND profit.

Mentioned on the show:

Are you wanting to build more resilience into your life?
Then remember to grab your copy of my Foundations for Self Care ebook packed full...

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Your great adventure | Season 2, Ep 14

It has felt so good to be let out and let loose in Italy! So good, in fact, I wanted to share it with you and record an episode from beautiful Tuscany.

Planning adventure into my day is so important to me...big or small I plan this consciously and with intention!

By looking after yourself you can better look after the others in your life.

On today's episode:

>> I discuss the secret power of your imagination...release and let go. 
>> I share how I tap into that power within and how you can too.
>> I help to transport you to your own great adventure.
>> Find out the three magic ingredients to help you get there.

Unlock your full potential for success and for a joy-filled life and learn how to harness your secret power...


If you would like a little help releasing and letting go hop on a discovery call and we can discuss your next great adventure.  

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Adding colour to bring the joy | Season 2, Ep 12

This week we have a one JOY FULL guest on the show, Briony Hartley, from Goldust Design.

We are discussing

How you can bring more colour and joy into your life?

How do you find inspiration?

Has working from home and being stuck with the same 4 walls brought you to a halt where you feel stuck?

Well, my guest today brings inspiration, colour and joy in bucket loads!

On Today's Episode:

>> Viv and Briony discuss surrendering to the situation! Leaning into being patient during the lockdown period
>> Briony reveals she has been turning inwards for excitement rather than the usual external sources
>> Briony shares her work and combining 3 of her passions
>> Briony talks about speaking her truth and realising you are not your thoughts

Find out what Briony and Fearne Cotton have in common!

More about Briony

Briony Hartley runs a graphic design, typography and colour consultancy called Goldust Design. Expert in chic design and clear visual communication, she has...

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Jump across the ravine or get eaten by a bear? Confidence vs Competence | Season 2, Ep 7

I am challenging you to think about the difference between confidence and competence.

Are you failing to implement something you know you can do?

Do you know exactly what you need to do, but fail to do it?

Today you will learn how to create a different vision of your future so that you can and will live into that.

It is your life, what are you going to do with it?

In this episode:

>> I talk about the importance of knowing what you want for the future
>> Hatch your plan...I like to use a trusty SWOT analysis.
>> A little bit every day makes all the difference. I share that competence comes with practice.

Listen in to build that all important confidence to help you take the leap into a more joy filled life. 

If you would like some assistance with your vision for the future, I would love to serve you.

Schedule a clarity call here:

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