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How to find focus in a world of chaos and distraction | Season 2, Ep 23


Following our theme of Chaos to Calm for the month, today I am looking at finding your focus.

Take care of you so that you can have a healthier work-life balance.

Does it feel like you are on a running machine that's going too fast, but you can’t get off?

Do you want to slow down so that you can take a break?

In this week's episode:

  • I talk about breaking those habits that slow you down
  • How to architect your day to combat stress with resilience 
  • I share 3 words to help you find your calm
  • I look at the importance of reflecting at the end of your working day

 Enjoy my tips for finding calm in a chaotic world...


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Footloose and Fancy Free | Season 2, Ep 11

Are you footloose and fancy-free?

But secretly worried about your dreams drying up and withering away in the heat of the sun?

Do you want to take time off and relax but worried you might lose momentum?

Do you feel guilty that you are enjoying yourself when you feel that you ‘should’ be working?

Taking time out is not a crime in fact in my book, not taking time out causes more harm.

In this episode:

>> I remind you that getting down on yourself is not going to lift you up!
>> I talk about connecting to the thrill of success and being clear on YOUR vision.
>> I share how I connect every day with what really matters.
>> I discuss the support, structures and strategies I have in place to help me avoid distraction and bring about disciplined focus

Your SUCCESS matters to me.  I want you to have a guilt-free summer holiday and know that you have got this!


If you want to see if we can work together to help you...

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