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Mastering the Sunday Scaries | Season 2, Ep 22


Novembers theme is moving from chaos to calm and this week we are tackling anxiety.

Are you running away from things you need to do?

Are you the bottleneck in your business?

Do you have the ability to focus your attention on tasks that need to be completed?


Well listen in to this weeks episode and discover the three Cs to mastering the Sunday scaries, stop procrastinating and start LIVING.

In this episode...

>> I help you figure out how to move your office from chaos to calm
>> I offer some questions to assist you in figuring out who is really in your team
>> I ask you to look at how you react under pressure: Do you retreat or advance?
>> I talk about true connection... the art of being engaged and engaging

Remember to take care of YOU first


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Episode 015: Five Notifications you can live without, and ONE you can’t

In this day of 24/7 connectivity, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and never feel completely switched off. 

If you are longing for some real down time, to feel less stressed then this show is for you!

In today's episode

>> Viv gets super practical on today's episode and shares 5 notifications you CAN live without in order to focus on the task at hand.

>> She reveals that ONE notification you CAN'T live without

>> Viv encourages you to set your phone up to serve you best so that you can be in the moment.


If you know someone who might enjoy this show, or indeed benefit from the mindset tools, support strategies and actionable tips please do let them know.  Maybe take a photo of you listening to the show and post it on insta, be sure to tag me, you never know there might be a reward in it for you... I love action takers


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Episode 014: Quick, Quick SLOW - 3 steps to connect with your heart

How do you know you're on the right path? Maybe you don't know where to head next. This can feel lonely, dark and frustrating. You want to feel safe and KNOW you are on the right path. 

If all is going well in life for you right now...celebrate this achievement!

Wherever you are today's show will help you to remain connected to your heart so that every day is a sunshine day for you.

In today's episode

>> Viv offers an honest insight into her thoughts and feeling at a time where she had lost sight of who she was and connection with her heart

>> Viv shares her TWO quick steps and ONE slow for connecting with YOUR heart

>> Viv encourages you to have more love for yourself and this will result in more love, energy and joy for others.


Enjoy the show here and don't forget to book a date with yourself!


There are just a few spots left on the True Growth coaching programme.
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Episode 009: From disconnected to connection: Learn 3 ways to connect with your heart and not your head

Do you want to learn how to connect with those who matter to you in a way that spreads joy leaving you and them feeling contented?

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to just naturally connect with others?

Well my friend, you need to learn how to connect with your heart and not your head. But that’s not so easy right? It’s such a common mistake we make when you want to connect to those you love and care about. 

In today's episode:

>> I am sharing my THREE tips that you can apply to your life right now.

Ok so there you have it my top 3 tips for touching others with your big kind heart and not with your big hard head! Now I have shared my top tips with you, it’s time for you to take action. 

Please take a photo of you listening to this podcast, share on Instagram and be sure to tag me in so I can acknowledge you, you never know, you might just be in for a reward, I love to reward action takers.  

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