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In Session with Kat Ashley - Preparing for Change | Season 2, Ep 13

Today you have the opportunity to listen in to a live coaching call with my scholar Kat Ashley, from Purbeck Wholefoods.

Kat and I discuss overcoming challenges in business.

In today's episode:

>> Kat shares what she is doing to prepare for winter and changing market conditions
>> Kat and I discuss branching out - how to be in two places at once and increasing your reach
>> The value of human contact to your business and to your customers
>> The power of clear communication to increase productivity and make changes with ease

I'd love to hear what your key take away is from this session, please do let me know.


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How to avoid becoming an ostrich with Mark Gracey | Series 2, Ep 6

The theme for July is Strength and Building Influence and I have an amazing guest for you today...Mark Gracey.

Mark is a clever guy and specialises in GDPR!

Eat, sleep, GDPR, Repeat!

His aim is to share the benefits of compliance and how this helps us as business owners feel confident that we are doing the right things and empower us to see compliance as a positive for our own business and customers.

In this episode:

>> Mark shares his experience and journey of becoming a business owner and building influence in his industry
>> Mark and I discuss the gradual process of finding your niche
>> Mark talks mindset and keeping a positive approach to business during the current difficult times
>> Mark shares his go-to when overwhelm sets in and he needs some time out

Don't bury your head in the sand...join Mark and I in this practical and exciting episode: 

A little about Mark...

Mark began working in the internet industry in...

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