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Episode 016: Rockabye baby!

Stress, anxiety and worry are some of the biggest factors at play that impact the quality of your sleep?

Did you also know that  poor lifestyle behaviours and a poor bedroom environment are also important contributors to poor sleep?

More and more evidence indicates that sleep regulates all physical and psychological functioning. 

Sleeping well might even save or extend your life. 

And because I want you to have a long, happy and joy-filled life I want to share with you today my top mindset tips for success for sleep, teach you how you can support yourself to enable peaceful, deep sleep and give you some techniques to try when it’s just not happening.

In today's episode

>> Viv shares some of the reasons for poor sleep and the impact this has on you.

>> She talks through sleep hygiene! Yes, this is a thing! You need to get rid of those dirty habits for a good night sleep.

>> Viv offers some practical tips for good bedtime habits and routines.


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