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Do you have a back up plan? | Season 2, Ep 20


What happens when the internet gremlins eat your work?

What happens when your diary is packed and suddenly your family needs you?

What happens when feelings begin to override your rational thinking leaving you muddled, confused and stressed?

Well as they say Shit happens so you better have a backup plan.

In today’s show I am going to teach you how I created the perfect back up plan for my business and how that translates into my daily life. All through October I have been sharing my best tips for releasing and letting go so that you can move forward faster in your business.

In this episode:

> I share the inspiration for this episode, including a ride in a helicopter!
> I talk about the importance of taking a breath to change your state.
> Get back to basics - prune your branches!
> Learn the MMS - a tip from a coach I used to work with that has always stayed with me.

By running your business leaner, with more flexibility, you’ll feel lighter and be able to...

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