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Episode 011: Mindful Sips with Claire Addiscott

It is our first ever guest episode!!

I am delighted to welcome Claire Addiscott to The True Growth Podcast to talk about having a more mindful attitude towards alcohol, offer some tips and support for those with sobriety curiosity and to discuss women making a positive difference in their world, for themselves, their family and their work.

On this episode:

>> Claire explains why she decided to take a break from the booze and her passion for supporting other women to do the same
>> She shares her biggest mindset challenge right now
>> Claire offers her biggest lessons from starting up her business
>> She reveals what is next for Mindful Sips...!
>> Viv and Claire talk about energy levels and share their meditation tips


A bit about Claire:

Claire's background is in the charity sector, she gave up work in 2007 to have her third baby. 

After eight years of being a full time Mum, instead of returning where she left off she decided to...

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