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Slay your to do list before it slays you | Season 2, Ep 18


Throughout October our theme will be leading from the heart to master our productivity.

As the days are getting shorter and the nights are beginning to draw in, now more than ever, is the time to slay your to do list.


Viv shares her top tips for slaying your to do list before it slays you.

  • Learn how to stop mustabating and start doing...nip that procrastination in the bud!
  • Learn how to feel good and on top of your workload every day...make a love sandwich!
  • Challenge yourself to try something new.
  • Use tried and tested methods for re-evaluating your tasks.
  • Identify the non-negotiables in your day...step away from your inbox!

Remember to take care of YOU...without you NOTHING gets done.
Do more of what you love with who you love.


If you want a hand slaying your to do list and ditching that overwhelm take a look at my FREE handbook, Steps to Success. I will guide you every step of the way to help you create success on your own terms.

Sometimes you have...

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Difficult Conversations...time to break the egg | Season 2, Episode 3

Do you have a team member who is not pulling their weight?

Do you have a customer who is bringing you down rather than lighting you up?

Are you struggling to get your point across in a way that encourages change to happen?

Well then my friends it is time to have those difficult conversations.

If you are finding that your patience is wearing thin, your temper is starting for fray, then it is time to start having those difficult conversations.

I am going to share with you just how you can open the window to your world and that of your conversational partner.  You know the one person you need to sit down and have a talk with but keep putting it off? 

In today's episode:

>> I talk about getting really curious
>> I introduce working the grid 
>> I offer actionable tips for fast action

It’s time, let's do this...


Let me help you get into the right mindset so that difficult conversation is a win-win for you and your conversational partner, be...

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Episode 026: Foundations of Selfcare, Love & Breathe

Foundations of Self Care 6 Part Series

In this Spring into Action: Foundations of Self Care 6 part series I will be sharing with you the mindset, strategy and tools you need to take care of your body and mind as one complete, living, breathing organism. This series came to life in The True Growth Tribe Facebook group as a 6 day live challenge. Due to the success of this challenge the team and I have turned this into a 3 part podcast series especially for you!

Part 3 & 4 Love & Breathe

Does the morning sunrise take your breath away? 

Does the wind rushing through your hair exhilarate you?

Do you find peace when you watch your baby breathing softly in their sleep? 

DO YOU WANT TO know how to change your state in an instant?

Is being locked down and cooped up leaving you feeling sluggish and kind of meh? 

If you have lost the spring in your step or lost interest in doing the things you used to love then this episode is for you. The principals being...

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