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Episode 017: Nude Nutrition

I am excited to bring you another guest episode today!

This month we are discussing ENERGY and this episode is focussed on food and energy.

Food is the fuel we need to be our best selves, however, we can often have a complicated relationship with food.

My guest Kat Kimber of Nude Nutrition is here to share her experience with food and dieting personally and clinically. Kat is passionate about eradicating the pressure on women to be a certain body shape and size. We can have health regardless of our size.

On today's episode:

- Kat and Viv discuss food rules and restrictions, finding trust in their natural hunger and our emotional attachment to food
- Kat looks into the unhealthy cycles we can find ourselves in and how hard it can be to break these cycles.
- Kat talks about niching down within her business and reveals how her support network assists her and her business
- Kat shares the one go-to tool that gets results for her clients


A bit about Kat:

Katherine Kimber is a...

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Episode 016: Rockabye baby!

Stress, anxiety and worry are some of the biggest factors at play that impact the quality of your sleep?

Did you also know that  poor lifestyle behaviours and a poor bedroom environment are also important contributors to poor sleep?

More and more evidence indicates that sleep regulates all physical and psychological functioning. 

Sleeping well might even save or extend your life. 

And because I want you to have a long, happy and joy-filled life I want to share with you today my top mindset tips for success for sleep, teach you how you can support yourself to enable peaceful, deep sleep and give you some techniques to try when it’s just not happening.

In today's episode

>> Viv shares some of the reasons for poor sleep and the impact this has on you.

>> She talks through sleep hygiene! Yes, this is a thing! You need to get rid of those dirty habits for a good night sleep.

>> Viv offers some practical tips for good bedtime habits and routines.


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Episode 015: Five Notifications you can live without, and ONE you can’t

In this day of 24/7 connectivity, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and never feel completely switched off. 

If you are longing for some real down time, to feel less stressed then this show is for you!

In today's episode

>> Viv gets super practical on today's episode and shares 5 notifications you CAN live without in order to focus on the task at hand.

>> She reveals that ONE notification you CAN'T live without

>> Viv encourages you to set your phone up to serve you best so that you can be in the moment.


If you know someone who might enjoy this show, or indeed benefit from the mindset tools, support strategies and actionable tips please do let them know.  Maybe take a photo of you listening to the show and post it on insta, be sure to tag me, you never know there might be a reward in it for you... I love action takers


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Episode 014: Quick, Quick SLOW - 3 steps to connect with your heart

How do you know you're on the right path? Maybe you don't know where to head next. This can feel lonely, dark and frustrating. You want to feel safe and KNOW you are on the right path. 

If all is going well in life for you right now...celebrate this achievement!

Wherever you are today's show will help you to remain connected to your heart so that every day is a sunshine day for you.

In today's episode

>> Viv offers an honest insight into her thoughts and feeling at a time where she had lost sight of who she was and connection with her heart

>> Viv shares her TWO quick steps and ONE slow for connecting with YOUR heart

>> Viv encourages you to have more love for yourself and this will result in more love, energy and joy for others.


Enjoy the show here and don't forget to book a date with yourself!


There are just a few spots left on the True Growth coaching programme.
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Episode 013: How to Love with Katherine Baldwin

I am excited to have a fellow relationship builder and healer on the show today... Katherine Baldwin.

At times in life, we may feel we need to heal personal relationships, relationships with parents, children or family members. New business owners might feel the need to work on building relationships with ideal clients or customers. Often, when we start having open, honest, frank and vulnerable conversations, we realise that the work has to start with healing the first relationship, the one with ourselves.

In this episode:

>> Katherine shares how she helps people connect with their authentic selves
>> She reveals her biggest mindset challenges right now
>> Katherine offers a very honest insight into her life and the need to go where the pain or fear is in order to heal.
>> She shares the THREE things that give her the most energy

A bit about Katherine:

Katherine is the author of How to Fall in Love and is also the host of How to Fall in Love retreats and...

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Episode 012: Connect Four: 4 tips to bring you closer connections with your ideal customers, with your life’s work and with your family

If you are feeling like you have fallen out of love with your business,
fallen out of love with your partner, lost the joy of parenting, and being a mum or dad has left you feeling like you’ve lost your identity then... listen up.

In today's episode

>> Viv shares her 4 tips on how to bring back the romance, feel the joy and put a spring in your step so that you can feel a deep connection with what you do, with your customers and with your family.

>> Viv talks about reconnecting with your partner, rekindling the love for your children and refuelling the passion for your work.

>> Viv encourages you to bring the joy!



There are just a few spots left on the True Growth coaching programme.
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Episode 011: Mindful Sips with Claire Addiscott

It is our first ever guest episode!!

I am delighted to welcome Claire Addiscott to The True Growth Podcast to talk about having a more mindful attitude towards alcohol, offer some tips and support for those with sobriety curiosity and to discuss women making a positive difference in their world, for themselves, their family and their work.

On this episode:

>> Claire explains why she decided to take a break from the booze and her passion for supporting other women to do the same
>> She shares her biggest mindset challenge right now
>> Claire offers her biggest lessons from starting up her business
>> She reveals what is next for Mindful Sips...!
>> Viv and Claire talk about energy levels and share their meditation tips


A bit about Claire:

Claire's background is in the charity sector, she gave up work in 2007 to have her third baby. 

After eight years of being a full time Mum, instead of returning where she left off she decided to...

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Episode 010: Do you wanna Crush it in 2020? Listen in for the mindset, support and tools you need to succeed.

Time for some BLUE SKY thinking?

I am sharing with you some mindset hacks to help you Crush it in 2020 before it crushes you!

Because being passionate about your job or your business is great — but there are limits.

If you become so wrapped up in your professional identity that setbacks at work affect your self-worth, that's a problem.

If you become so wrapped up in your business that your relationships suffer, that's a problem for you, for your partner and for your kids.

And remember it's not just intimate relationships that can suffer, it can be friends, key business partners and even your customers. Yes, that's right the very people you are trying to serve, oh the irony!!

In this week's episode:

>> I am talking about how to keep a healthy perspective by distinguishing who you are, from what you do.

BONUS I have a challenge for you in this episode too.

Just to make sure you are listening I am offering ONE free coaching call to the lucky observer who can spot the clue...

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Episode 009: From disconnected to connection: Learn 3 ways to connect with your heart and not your head

Do you want to learn how to connect with those who matter to you in a way that spreads joy leaving you and them feeling contented?

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to just naturally connect with others?

Well my friend, you need to learn how to connect with your heart and not your head. But that’s not so easy right? It’s such a common mistake we make when you want to connect to those you love and care about. 

In today's episode:

>> I am sharing my THREE tips that you can apply to your life right now.

Ok so there you have it my top 3 tips for touching others with your big kind heart and not with your big hard head! Now I have shared my top tips with you, it’s time for you to take action. 

Please take a photo of you listening to this podcast, share on Instagram and be sure to tag me in so I can acknowledge you, you never know, you might just be in for a reward, I love to reward action takers.  

If you have enjoyed the show share...

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Episode 008: How time flies! The ONE thing you need to know to create more of it!

As time flies by, do you want to know the secret to bending time to serve you? 

Scarcity of time, money or anything is a vicious circle that is very difficult to escape unless we can cut ourselves some slack.

Time flies when you are having fun? 

Thinking space is a good thing right? 

Wrong...Not all thinking space is equal, you can buy back time in your life. 

In this episode:

>> I am going to share with you the ONE thing you need to literally create more time in your life.


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