What are the benefits of a business coach for small businesses?

When I was first married, my husband and I decided to take a bare boat charter around the Greek Islands. I had done a fair bit of sailing as crew, and he had done quite a bit of speeding around in motor boats, so we figured, how hard could it be. Ha!

We soon discovered that being master of your own ship was a lot harder than it looked!

When I started out in business, it was a similar experience.  Sure I’d worked in lots of different organisations, large corporations to ma & pa businesses, but in truth I didn’t really have a clue about how hard it could be to run my own business, and how lonely. 

The excitement of choosing brand colours and fonts soon wore off under the swathes of paperwork and procedures. I found it hard to prioritise. How do you keep focused on the main thing, when EVERYTHING seems urgent and important?  Most of all I found it hard to get my head around my numbers while working on my sales activities so that I could generate more...

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Money Mindset Coaching and How it Works

Can Money Mindset be changed?

First things first, what exactly is ‘money mindset’? What I am referring to when I think about money mindset. Our mindset as it relates to how our thoughts about money affect our performance and our behaviour, meaning the action we take or often don’t take. These actions ultimately lead to our outcomes and success.

As humans we have a desire to feel secure. Secure in our homes, secure in our work and in our relationships. And in modern society there is often a deep seated belief that money is the answer to this security we desire. This is both right and wrong.   

You may have noticed your mind questioning that sentence, part of you saying ‘Oh yes it is’ and part saying ‘Oh no it isn’t’ like some pantomime sketch.  

And therein lies the problem. 

If you are in conflict about what YOU truly feel about money, what you really believe to be true about money, then you are in...

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